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Maintenance Plans starting at $17.00 per month.  

                          Web Maintenance Agreement instructions



                When e-mailing information to update your web page you must include the following;

  1. Name of page or title link on your web site where the information is to be placed.
  2. Indicate if this information replaces an older version.
  3. Photos submitted must be jpg, gif, png form and no larger than 500x500 pixels

        On our web site there is a free photo resizing program you can use just go to
          or under the help center button / downloads

  1. All files e-mailed should be in Microsoft word or PDF form
  2. All files will be posted as they appear (we will not edit or cut and paste articles)
  3. All information should be emailed to  or
  4. Information received will be posted within 48 hours on your website (unless there is a problem with the information you send.)
  5. We will only accept and post information from an authorized representative of your Company or Organization.
  6. Once your web page has be update you will receive a confirmation email from us.